What is the full form of SAARC? SAARC COUNTRIES

What is the full form of SAARC? SAARC Countries

What is the full form of SAARC? SAARC Countries

In this article, we learn about what is the full form of  SAARC, SAARC ka full form kay hai, the history of SAARC, SAARC Countries, and the objectives of SAARC. Also, read what is IPCC 

What is the full form of SAARC? 

The full form of SAARC is The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, which is a political and economic organization of eight countries in South Asia.

The full form of SAARC is the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation.

S= South

A= Asia

A= Association

R= Regional

C= Cooperation

Full Form of SAARC in Hindi.

क्षेत्रीय सहयोग के लिए दक्षिण एशिया एसोसिएशन।

List of SAARC Countries

Here is the SAARC countries List.

1) India2) Afganistan3) Bhutan4) Nepal5) Maldives6) Pakistan7) Bangladesh8) Sri Lanka

What is the full form of SAARC? SAARC Countries

What are the Goal and Areas of Work of SAARC?

SAARC full form is the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation which was founded and established in the year of 1985 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Till today 19 summits of SAARC have been held, the most recent one held in Pakistan in 2016. 

SAARC’s main focus and goal have been to promote economic growth, social progress, and cultural development in the region of these eight countries i.e., the South Asia region. The organization works on promoting the welfare of the people living in these regions and improving the Quality of their life. It focuses heavily on pushing economic growth and Social and Cultural progress. It also contributes to increasing the mutual trust between these eight countries.

The major areas of work and cooperation are Agriculture and Rural Development, Education and Culture, Biotechnology, Economic trade and finance, Energy and Environment, Tourism, Science and Technology, Information, Communication, and Media, Security

aspects, Poverty alleviation, Social developmentand People-to-People Contacts.


Most people don't know that the establishment of SAARC or regional cooperation in South Asia was made in three conferences: 

The first conference was held in New Delhi in  April 1947 which is known as the "Asians Relation Conference".

The second conference was held in the Philippines in May 1950 which is known as the "Baguio Conference".

The third conference was held in April 1954 which was known as the "Colombo Powers Conference".

Do you know, it was Zia-ur-Rehman, the late president of Bangladesh who the first concrete proposal for establishing a framework for regional cooperation in South Asia on May 2, 1980. As mentioned earlier it eventually got established in 1985 with India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and the Maldives being its seven founding members.

Observers and Potential Future Members of SAARC




                  European Union,





                  S. Korea,


SAARC Potential Future Members 

Myanmar has expressed interest in upgrading its status from an observer to a full member of SAARC in the coming years.

Russia is also interested in becoming an Observer of SAARC.

South Africa has also participated in some meetings.

Organizational Structure of SAARC

At the top, there is a council represented by the heads of the government of the member countries. The council is the apex policy-making body. 

SAARC meeting held every one and half year.  The last Saarc meet was held in Pakistan which was known as the 18th SAARC meeting in 2014. 

How SAARC Works?

Then there is a council of ministers, It is to assist the council and is represented by the foreign ministers of the member countries. Its function includes the Formation of policies, Review of functioning, Deciding new areas of cooperation, chalking out the additional mechanisms, etc.

Then there is a standing committee that comprises foreign secretarian of the member government. Its job is to monitor and coordinate the programs, deal with the modalities of financing, and determine inter-sectored priorities. 

There’s a programming committee consisting of senior officials of member governments. Its tasks are to inspect the budget of the secretariat, finalize the annual schedule, External activities assigned by the standing committee. 

Then there is a technical committee, its function is to formulate projects and programs, to submit reports, and to monitor and execute the projects. Then there is the secretariat which is located in Nepal.

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In this post we gave the full form of SAARC, and also gave some more information about SAARC. Hope you like it.

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