Why Choose Bluehost for blogging? Bluehost Review

Why Choose Bluehost for blogging? Bluehost Review.

To start a blogging career you need to things Domain name and web hosting. To create a beautiful and powerful website you need a domain and powerful web hosting. So, which is the best web hosting service for beginners? 


Why Choose Bluehost for blogging? Bluehost Review

Millions of articles have been created on web hosting and quantity people have different opinions, as a blogger and website creator, I will recommend you to join a Bluehost hosting plan. 

You might be saying this, why I'm suggesting Bluehost web hosting service plans. Read this blog, and you will be clear about which is the best web hosting service for beginners? 


There is many web hosting service provider in the internet market. But they don't provide good quality service for your WordPress blog.

Bluehost Blog gives you 24/7 service with many benefits. Is Bluehost good for blogging, answer is below.



Why you should choose Bluehost for your Blogging.


Feature list of Bluehost hosting.



You will get one free included domain (for 1 year)


. Install unlimited websites


. Free SSL Certificate


.  You will get unlimited Parked Domains and Subdomains


. You will get unlimited Email storage and Email Account


. You will get Domain privacy and protection.


. You will get unmetered website space and bandwidth


There are 7 main reasons to Choose BlueHost for Blogging.


1.Bluehost Excellent Service 24/7 Support.


Bluehost provides excellent service to its customers. You can get help 24/7 for your blog.

Many hosting companies promise you a 24/7 service plan but they don't stand on their promise, whereas Bluehost blog does. From my personal experience saying.


Why Choose Bluehost for blogging? Bluehost Review

2.Bluehost is trusted by 2 million customers.

Since 2003, Bluehost is providing such an excellent service to its customers. It is one of the top web hosting service companies that provide clouds based Online services. It is recommended by thousands of Digital marketers, Youtubers, bloggers. Officially recommended by WordPress from hundreds of thousands of web hosts.


3.BlueHost Provides Free Domain Name.


One of the best gifts that Bluehost provides its new customers is one year of free .com or .in domain. One domain name costs you nearly $8 to $10. So you will save it for one year, that is a bonus for you. And it's just simple you just sign up with Bluehost and choose your domain name and choose your web hosting plan.


Why Choose Bluehost for blogging? Bluehost Review

4.Bluehost gives Money Back Guarantee choice.

Do you know Bluehost hosting service gives a money-back guarantee? If within a month if you feel you are not happy with the Bluehost hosting service then you can cancel your plan and get your money back. It's easy and easy. You get a One-month free trial.


5.Bluehost had perfect WordPress Support

If you want to use WordPress then Bluehost will be a perfect hosting plan for you. Bluehost is ultra-reliable and gives good support with WordPress. You can install WordPress with one click. cPanel od Bluehost is a user-friendly, easily accessible, and easy-to-understand dashboard by new users. Do you know Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress since 2005.


6.Bluehost provides good Speed and Performance.

There is no web hosting service company that offers 100% uptime. But Bluehost gives 99.9% uptime, which is the best thing about Bluehost. In 2021, speed is the main key to success for a website. If your website is slow visitors will run out of your website and you would get any benefit from it. So get connected with Bluehost hosting plans, as it will load your website in 230 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds. Which is very very fast. The faster you are the faster you will grow.


Why Choose Bluehost for blogging? Bluehost Review

In the end, I will say Bluehost is one of the biggest and fastest web hosting companies in the market. Its plans are at reasonable prices. You can join with and get one month trial. You will get a money-back guarantee. 


As a website creator, I will suggest you join Bluehost, it works well with WordPress. Its main goal is to give good Speed and uptime to grow your website. If you want to join Bluehost, then you click the link below.


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