What Is Google Discover? Google Discover SEO


What Is Google Discover? Google Discover SEO

Every website wants to drive traffics, business wants to be in front of as many potential customers as possible. It can be possible by SEO methods to rank in Google Search Engine or to apply paid methods like advertising. There is one more method to drive huge traffic that by Google Discover.

What Is Google Discover? Google Discover SEO


What is google discover?

Google discover is a content feed that displays your preferences and interests. It displays news content based on your search activities and interaction with google search engines and Discover app. 

It works to provide interesting content related to your interest. So it will regularly change its content daily basis. It is Google's news feed feature that appears in the form of cards that a user can scroll to read. It can be seen on Google mobile app or the Chrome mobile app. Just like Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds and Twitter feeds.

It looks like this.



What Is Google Discover? Google Discover SEO


What is the benefit of Google Discover?

In simple words, Google Discover provides good quality content to users and on another hand, it also drives a huge amount of traffic to the website.


Where we find Google Discover?

 It is found in Google Search Console. If you have a website then Sign In to Google Search Console. If your website has reached a minimum threshold of an impression then you will find Google Discover.

It will appear in the Performance section where it will provide reports for both Search Results and Discover.

If you don't have the minimum threshold impression then keep working with quality content and on the website.


Google Discover SEO?

There are no straight SEO rules to get your content on Google Discover. But it is also true that it is not impossible to get your content in Discover.

Google says " There is no way to create content that explicitly Discover's interest matching." Once you make your content placed in Discover, it will generate huge traffic to your website. After you get traffic from Discover you would like to have it more.

 Tips to optimize for Google Discover


  1. Be sure to use high-quality images. 
  2. Choose the right keywords.
  3. Content is king.

 Keep Working on ON-Page-SEO and OFF-Page-SEO and try the best SEO practices, even small blogs can grave attention in Discover with quality content.

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