Secrets For AdSense Approval Tricks in 2021

Secrets For AdSense Approval Tricks in 2021

Secret  For AdSense Approval Tricks in 2021

Secret  For AdSense Approval Tricks in 2021


Why do we start Blogging? Some start for sharing knowledge and some start to earn money. 

If you are doing blogging and you want to earn money from it or you have not got the Adsense approval yet then don't worry after reading this article Secret  For AdSense Approval Tricks in 2021 you might get Adsense approval fast. Also, read How-To-Make-A-Blog-Using-Blogger and Best-Blogging-Sites-in-India

 If someone is reading this article and already has Google Adsence Approval for their site, then congrats. You are one level up in the blogging field, share your experience of how you got your AdSense approval.

 If anybody is unable to decide which platform is good for beginners to start a blog or website, then you can read this article 3 Best Blogging Sites in 2020 [FREE]. This will really help you to decide your right platform for blogging.


Now come to the topic of how to get AdSense approval for bloggers in 2021. First, get knowledge about what is Google AdSense?


What is Google AdSense?

 Google Adsense is an Advertising Company that is run by Google itself. They provide Ads on a variety of websites and videos after AdSense approval. 

They pay money for Ads impressions and Cost per Click (CPC) of ads. There are some program rules, policy rules, and terms & conditions to follow to get approval.

 If you are new to blogging and started blogging by, then you must read this Best Blogging Sites in India 2021.


How to Get Blogger Adsense Approval (2021)

To get the Google Adsense approval writing the articles/posts is not the solution nor even getting tons of traffics, even in single traffic you can get the Adsense approval. 

You make your website/blog according to the google term & conditions and their privacy policy. Get a custom domain name. Make 4 to 5 pages on your blog or website. 

Use SEO-friendly Template. Make your site is light and beautiful. Write plagiarism-free content. And always follow the program policy of Google Adsence.


These are the right ways or tips & tricks to get
 AdSense approval For Blogger:

Top Secret AdSense Approval Trick in 2021 for Blogger and WordPress

1) Use Custom Domain

Before starting your blog, decide your blogging niche. On the basis of your topic choose a Domain Name. The domain name will represent the address of your blog/website. 

You must buy a custom domain name. Google AdSense gives approval fast to the custom domain. You can buy the domain name from Goddady, Bigrock, Google, many are there.

 I start a blogging career from Blogspot and bought my domain name ( from Google as it provides free security service. 

Always try to buy a Top-level domain name like .com, .in, .org, .edu this subdomain is good to get fast approval and looks professional. Don't buy domains .tk, .ml, .ga, .xyz or don't use free domain or don't use sub-domain for your blog.

Before applying for the AdSense approval make sure your domain name is 6 months old with good quality content. Google always checks the consistency of the website domain name and how they are giving good content to the audience.

 So, buy the top-level custom domain name to get AdSense Approval.


2) Use SEO Friendly Template (Responsive Theme)

 You must use an SEO-friendly template for your blog. Light-weighted and well-designed sites run fast on the internet. Those sites whose speed and performance are good Google gives absence approval fast.

 Before starting your blog customize your theme properly. A well-customized site have the following;


1) Theme should be simple with a white background.

2) Make your favicon and Logo for your site.

3) Site should have a fast loading speed.

4) Set up your navigation properly

5) Set your Menu according to your niche.

6) There should be no error in your links.


After doing this, your chances of getting Google AdSense Approval becomes more. So use an SEO Friendly Template.


3) Make Important Pages

After setting your template, the next important thing to do is make some important pages like About us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Term & Condition pages. 

These pages make your blog/website looks professional and you are working according to the Google program policies.


About Us

In about us describe yourself and describe your website or blog. This gives information to the reader about what you are expressing. This also helps Google to understand your website/blog and have a good impact on SEO ranking.


Contact Us

Contact Us page is for connecting you with your reader. When anyone visits your website/blog and wants more information about any topic, then they can contact you. This gives a professional look and Google recommend these types of blog.


Privacy Policy

On this page, you explain your policy of website/blog. Also, explain which Ads Network you use.



Disclaimer expresses the term and conditions of your blog/website. It gives information to the readers that they can't share any information on your site, can't make any changes.


Term & Condition

This expresses information about how a reader uses your blog/website.


4) Write Quality Content

To get the Google AdSense Approval you must write quality content. Google always looks at qualities content that gives meaningful information to readers. There is no information on how much a website/blog should have content. 

As an experience, there should be more than 20 to 30 articles. Each article should be 900 to1000+ words. This will make your website more informative.

Keep writing articles during approval. You can write 2 to 3 posts in a week to make Google think that you are a true contributor.

Keep in mind that there should not be any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes. Write unique content, don't do copy-paste. 

If Google finds Copyright issues, then you will not get AdSense approval. There are many websites where you can check the free plagiarism of your content like,, etc.

 For keywords research many paid tools. You can also go with free keyword tools but need to research the right keyword for the article. Now you use Ahrefs Webmaster Tools for Free - How to Sign-Up Free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

5) Use Good Quality Images

 Images in your article make it more informative and good-looking. If you don't use images in your article, then it will be difficult to get Adsense approval. 

Sites like Pixabay and Pixels give you free Copyright images. Use 3 to 4 images in your article.


6) Choose the Right language

If your blog is in languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, Malay, Tamil, etc then you will get AdSense approval. But you write in regional languages then you will not get approval.


7) Social Media Link

Make a social media profile for your blog. Install Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin icons on your themes for sharing articles. I'm not sure it will help in approval or not but it will give a professional look. Don't give false navigation on your icons.


8) Blog Topic

Don't try to choose a blog topic which is against Google Adsense policies. Here is the list of content topics that Google AdSense does not allow for approval:

  • Violent Content
  • Racial Content
  • Hacking /Cracking
  • Gambling / Casino
  • Content about Alcohol
  • Distribution, of course, works
  • Adult content

For more information check the Adsense Program Policies.


9) Don't use other Ad Network

We know that it's not easy to get the Google Adsence approval easily, so we use other Ad Networks like Pop Ads, Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Revenuehits,, etc. 

But when you apply for AdSense approval, kindly remove these ads networks from your site. If you don't remove this ads network then you will not get AdSense approval. 

After getting the approval you can use any ads network or affiliate banner on site.



I wrote this article "Secrets AdSense Approval Trick in 2021 " after much research and hard work. 

These are the points you need to keep in mind while applying for Google AdSense Approval. Even if don't get approval in a first or second attempt then don't lose your mindset for blogging. Keep working you will get success.

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