What is Jio Glass and Jio Glass features and Pricing

What is JIO Glass and JIO Glass features and Pricing

What is JIO Glass and JIO Glass features and Pricing

Did you hear the news about Jio Glass that Reliance Jio has announced recently? Yes, its true Jio Glass will be launched soon in Market. As the year is passing, we getting more advanced in technology and infrastructure.

The day is not far where everything will be operated by technology. In this article, we will discuss "What is JIO Glass and JIO Glass features and Pricing" and "what are the Specification of JIO Glass".

What is JIO Glass and JIO Glass features and Pricing

Reliance  Industries Limited (RIL) revealed its first smart glass during its 43rd AGM, named Jio Glass. During the meeting, the organisation demonstrated 'Jio Glass' another Mixed Reality solution.

Jio Glass depends on mixed reality and can be worked by both cell and remote systems utilising combined telephones, Jio Glass will change the way people do video calls. 

The presentation of Jio Glass was introduced by kin Akash and Isha Ambani. During the exhibition, Akash Ambani joined the meeting in 3D style, while Isha Ambani joined the meeting as a 2D video interface. In this the article we will highlight the advantages of Jio Glass.

What is JIO Glass - Do JIO Glass

Jio Glass is another innovation improvement that gives top quality Mixed Reality service to people with genuine and hypnotising experience.

Jio Glass is set up on mixed reality and it can be worked by both cell and remote systems utilising a combined telephone, Jio Glass is a superior answer for video conferencing among different employments.

Jio Glass offers people a superior method to make video calls. Jio Glass will utilize mixed reality for video conferencing and distant correspondence with people. It depends on Augmented Reality and virtual reality for things like a 3D holographic picture.

Specification of JIO glass

1) Jio Glass has a link to interface the cell phone.

2) Jio Glass will have the option to run 25 in-built applications to oversee reality video conference with sound.

3)There will likewise be two microphones which will help in video conferencing.

4) It will have 25 apps and will also have a high-resolution display.

5) 3D video calling with an experience like never before.

6) Jio Glass has likenesses to Google Glass, it is bulkier and chunkier.

7) Jio Glass has buttons for various functionalities.

8) Jio Glass weighs 75 grams and will perform with 5G service.

9) People will have the option to give office or any other presentations (in both 2D and 3D positions) alongside sharing documents.

10) A unique feature of Jio glass utilisation is that Jio Glass user can command video calling with voice orders.

What is the Motivation Behind JIO Glass

Jio Glass can be used by the student for virtual classrooms and it will teachers to teach online classes easily. Since schools are shut because of Corona emergency in the entire nation it will be a better option in the coming future.

For this situation, Jio Glass virtual technology will be very helpful for teacher, students, office workers and many people.

Through this, you can do a virtual visit anywhere you like. Alongside this, online-based checking will help.

More the interesting news is that Jio is planning to launch an online training stage called Jio Embibe, which will be combined with Jio Glass. It will be very beneficial incorporates sectors, people can make holographic video calls with colleagues and join 3D avatar or ordinary video calling style.

When Jio Glass user joins a video call, they can share and view introductions on an enormous virtual screen.

How to Buy Jio Glass

After reading the above article "What is Jio Glass and Jio Glass features and Pricing", it might be coming in your mind, how to buy Jio Glass and use it for our daily life.

But it is sad to inform you that it is not available in the market. Reliance industry has not launched in the market and not even price has decided for it but will be available nearly 14000 in India. When it will be launched we will give an article on "How to buy Jio Glass".

I hope we have given the answer to What is JIO Glass and JIO Glass features and Pricing. For more queries express your thought in the comment box.

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