How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora

 How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program| Earn Money from  Quora 

How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora
How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora 

Here I will give you some ideas on How to earn money on Quora 2021. There are many platforms on the internet where you can earn money in many ways. Some platform is like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, tumbler, Pinterest and many more.

In every platform, you have to give some valuable contents to the audience in the form of article or videos or posts. The different platform generates money in different ways. But here we will learn about How to make money from Quora in 2021.


Today the internet has become a vast source of user or audience. Most people search on Google  Search Engine some on Facebook and someone Youtube. 

There is one more platform call Quora. Quora have a large audience of question and answer. 

All the questions and answers are created, edited, and organized by the people who use them. While most people use Quora as a resource for studies, general interest and information gathering, 

some use Quora to add to and build their social networks. There are many well-established questions and answer sites, but Quora differs in many ways, like question and answer quality, allows user to follow their topics and likes, and also guide the user to give upvote for quality answers. 


 So without any further time delay let's get started how to earn money on the Quora platform. And what are the best 2 easy tricks to earn money on Quora.

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 Let me tell you 2 Easy Tricks about how to earn money on Quora.

How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora
How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora  

A) Quora Partner Program

 It is a clear fact that we do not earn money by answering questions we get money by giving them the questions spending 8 to 10 hours on Quora and answering relative questions. 

Answering questions and waiting for a long time is not the right solution for it. Most people think that answering questions will generate money in Quora.

First, get a Quora partnership program. A good Quora partnership is not easy to get. You need to give time on answering the questions, making good questions and lots of views, then only you will get Quora partnership. 

The best way is to get invited by Quora as an author. People ask a meaningful and interesting question. Those are partner with Quora, make lots of questions, get paid for their work if their question has more answers and ads-impressions placed on the question.


Follow these rules that will definitely help you to get an invitation by the Quora partner program. They are as follows:


1) The content of your Question and answer must be Original.

2) You should ask Questions and Answers regularly.

3) Don't write to impress but to express your thoughts.

4) You should be decent in your words.

5) You should be the active member of the Quora.

6) Don't write for views or upvotes.

How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora
How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora 


Ways to Make More Money from Quora Partner Program


1) Ask attention-grabbing questions directed toward users. More engagement to your questions more ads will be displayed to your question and you will earn more money from Quora.


2) Do Keyword Research/analysis. Quora pays high CPM for attention-grabbing questions that are making high traffic from external sources such as Google search or from direct blog posts or article written on the website. 

Use your valuable keywords in your Questions and find additional content/answers for that question.


 3) Don't answer your own questions. Quora doesn’t allow you to answer your own queries. If you answer your own questions you may surely earn more cash.


4) Write an article or story about the question on, Medium articles rank on Google search engine very easily due to its high DA and PA. 

You will receive evergreen traffic to your questions and so, with each passing day, you may make extra cash from the Quora Partner program.


5) Try to make more Questions. This is what the Quora official team advice its users to do. If you can make 1000 questions in one month, Then surely you can make more than $100 cumulative amount on those questions.


6) Target niches where the users are more interested in like Life Lessons, Motivation, India, The United States, and the Startups.


7) Send answer requests to Popular Writers. Even if a popular writer gives an answer to your question. You will still get a good amount of views on that answer. This will help your other question to be seen by users and get more answers and views.


So you will earn money from giving question not answering questions. There are some accounts which earn in millions by just giving question in Quora. It needs patience and hard work to earn in Quora.


B) Affiliate Marketing from Quora


Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money online on Quora for beginners in 2021. It is something earning from nothing. You just you need a little hard work and the right strategy and smart work. 

Affiliate Marketing is just simple, you need to join an affiliate platform or take any products links and share in your social media account or in a blog or on the website. 

When anyone purchases any products from your link then you get some few amounts of commission.


Quora can be a good platform to do affiliate marketing. Here you just need to write the valuable answer in Quora and add your Landing page or blog website links to it.

Quora does not allow a direct sharing of affiliate product links. If you share direct affiliate products links into the answer, your account may be blocked by Quora team.


How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora
How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora  

Tips to do Affiliate Marketing in Quora


1) Try to choose such a product or service or problem for which people search on Google Search Engine to know about.


2) Always create a highly authoritative Quora profile by asking and giving information about the product or niche.


3) Place the affiliate link into the answer of a relevant question with lots of information. That will help the user to click into the link for more solution.


4) Don't do over link building or marketing of your own.


5) Try to provide resourceful information with elaborate descriptions.


6) Do proper research and create some engaging content.

I hope, now you are clear about How to Earn Money From Quora Partner Program | Earn money from Quora in 2021. If you need more information about Quora and how to use Quora, how to Grow my Quora profile etc, then comment in the comment box.

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