What is the Full Form of MOUSE, MOUSE Stands For

What is the Full Form of MOUSE, MOUSE Stands For

What is the Full Form of MOUSE, MOUSE Stands For
MOUSE Full Form

MOUSE- Manually Operated User Selection Equipment.

Here we will learn about what is the full form  MOUSE, what is Computer Mouse and different type of Computer Mouse.

What is Mouse

A Computer mouse is one of the main parts of the computer system. It is a hand-moving pointer tool that detects two-dimension motion relative to a surface. The motion is mainly translated into the motion of a pointer on a screen, which enables the user to have smooth control of the graphical user interface of a computer.

The computer mouse was invented bt Standard Research Center in 1963 and in 1970 pioneered by Xerox. It was the time 1968, where the first mouse controlling a PC framework was first openly shown to the world.

Initially, the Mouse invented used a ball rolling on a surface to detect motion, as the time passed the modern mouse have optical sensors that have no moving parts. 
The mouse is connected to a computer by wire. But the modern mouse is cordless, relying on short-range radio communication with the connected system.

How does a computer mouse work? Most commonly mouse has a two-button: left button and right button and a scroll. When a user clicks button information is transmitted to the computer. This makes the cursor to move or select the option on the screen.


MOUSE- Manually Operated User Selection Equipment.

There are 10 Types of Computer Mouse

In our daily life, we see a simple round mouse with a wire connected to a computer. Sometimes it hard to imagine that there might some other kind of mouse or mice. There are 10 different types of a mouse with a different design, curve, the purpose of work.

What is the Full Form of MOUSE, MOUSE Stands For
MOUSE Full Form

1) Wired Mouse

This wired mouse is round in shape, comfortable, flexible wired connectivity which means just you need to plug the cable into your USB or PS\2port. A wired mouse is perfect for working with spreadsheets and presentation. It's side-to-side scrolling and zooming in and out gives you perfect experience working with your computer.

2) Ball / Mechanical Mouse

This is mouse one of the old mouse seen used with a computer system. It has a rubber ball to track motion. When the ball is moved it is detected by the sensor to determined in which way to move the cursor on the screen. Now,  this type of mouse is outed and not in use.

3) Wheel/Scroll Mouse

It is one of the most comfortable and controlled mouse. In Wheel/scroll mouse, we don't have to move our hand. Just the trackball stay in one place and control is made by a thumb. The trackball has the Logitech unifying receiver. It has high battery power and can last for 18 months without charging.

4) Optical Mouse

Optical Mouse is mostly used in PC and Laptops. It has a LED Light at the bottom of a device where it has rubber ball in the mechanical mouse. This mouse does not work on all surfaces: plastic surfaces and clear glass are not ideal. The optical mouse works on reflection of light.

5) Laser Mouse

A laser mouse is just like an optical mouse. Its performance is more or less optical mouse, but it does not uses LED but uses a laser beam to reflect light from the surface it is on. It can work on surfaces like glass and plastic.

6) Stylus Mouse

This is one of the most expensive mouse. this is not used for regular works. It is used by Digital Designers. It is a combination of mouse and pen, and good for designing on PCs. It is pressure sensitive for detecting the intensity of your stroke.

7) Foot Mouse

One of the Weirdest mouse is Foot Mouse. This mouse is rarely seen anywhere because of its uniqueness. and here the user doesn't use their hands instead used by their feet so that user can freely use their hands on the keyboard.

8) Touchpad

The touchpad is used in Laptops. This is also called Glide Pads as it has a flat surface that requires the touch of a finger gliding on them to control the cursor. 

9) BlueTrack Mouse

Microsoft developed the BlueTrack Mouse. It is a combination of an image sensor and pixel geometry, which allows it to accurately detect movement on all kind of surface. It is a compact design for ultimate portability and  4-way scroll wheel for navigating up, down, left and right.

10) 3D Mouse

This mouse is also called a flying mouse, bats, wands. This instrument is typically worked by ultrasound and gives a three degree of freedom performance.

11) Gaming Mouse

Most of us know about this mouse. It is used form gaming in PC. It has good comfort, expensive, good sensitivity and gives the best performance which playing on PC.

Some other full form of MOUSE 

The mouse also stands for Making Opportunities for Upgrading School and Education. In USA MOUSE is a youth development an organization that works on incorporating technology with education in New York City.

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