Full Form of PRIYA, What is the Meaning of PRIYA

Full Form of  PRIYA, What is the Meaning of PRIYA

Full Form of  PRIYA, What is the Meaning of PRIYA

Have you ever wondered what would be the name Priya Full Form, What does Priya Mean. What does Priya Stand for? Here is the answer.

Gender of the name Priya: Girl

Colour of the name Priya: Blue & Pink

Origin of the name Priya: Hindi

Full Form PRIYA


 Productive Respectable Imaginative Youthsome Attractive

 Prompt Reliable Important Young Adorable

 Prudent Reasonable Innocent Youthful Admirable

 Perfect Radiant Intelligent Young Ambitious

 Polite Rational Impressive Youthful Adept

PRIYA Meaning:

Priya word is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Priyanker' or 'Priyankar'. Priya has a beautiful meaning like Beloved, Amiable, Lovable, or makes you happy, nice, favorite. It means an act of showing kindness or happiness or excitement or a kind of agree-ability.

In some parts of the Sanskrit word Priya(Priyanka) is used to express the White variety of the "Kantakari" flower  (Sweta Kantakari).

As we know that Priya Word is derived from Sanskrit meaning 'beloved', so this name is mostly given to baby Girl on the basis of Horoscope. Priya is traditionally given to girls born in the month of August.

We can find this name in some other countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, and some parts of Thailand. 

What New in PRIYA


Priya, Priya, when anyone hears the name Priya, They might recognize as someone who is an influencer, attractive, inspiring person, well hearted and beautiful. They perceive Priya as someone who is an idea generator, talkative, stimulating, and charismatic. 

Numerology of PRIYA

Below, you can find the letters that the name Priya contains and its alphabet numbers. As you sum all these numbers, you will get the numerology number of the name Priya.

The lucky number for Priya is 6.

P R I Y A = Sum
16 18 9 25 1 =  69

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