SI FULL FORM, Full Form of SI in Police (BHARAT)

SI FULL FORM, Full Form Of SI In Police (BHARAT)

SI FULL FORM, Full Form of SI in Police (BHARAT)

In this article, we will discuss what is the full form of SI, Full form of Si in Police, full form of SI in Chemistry, full form SI in Banking, etc

SI - Sub Inspector

SI - Silicon

SI - Standing Instruction

Full form of SI in Police:

SI FULL FORM, Full Form of SI in Police (BHARAT)

Full form of SI is Sub Inspector. It is the lowest-ranked officer. SI is mostly lead by some Police personnel like commanding police outposts, head constables. the equivalent of corporals. SI has good qualifications with a degree in any stream

Who is First Investigating Officer?

SI FULL FORM, Full Form of SI in Police (BHARAT)

Do you know Sub-Inspector (SI) can file a charge sheet in court under the Indian Police Rules and Regulations.

SI is also known as the first Investigating Officer. The sub-ordinate officers can investigate cases on his/her behalf on absence, but cannot file charge sheets.

Some Sub-Inspector (SI) Officer like sub-inspector (band) and sub-inspector (motor transport) are not investigative officers in Indian Law but they also know as specialist officers.

Central Armed Reserve Police Force, State Armed Reserve Police and Armed Battalions have
Sub-Inspector(SI) rank but these officers do not have investigative powers.

What is the Rank Insignia For Sub-Inspector?

In Indian Police Force Sub-Inspector(SI) rank higher than assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI)
and rank below an Inspector. The rank insignia for SI is two (five-point) stars. The outer end of the shoulder straps has a red and blue striped ribbon. whereas the assistant sub-inspector has only one (five-point) star and the outer end of the shoulder straps has a red and blue striped ribbon.

 In Indin Army, the Subedar has the same insignia as of Sub-inspector (SI), and the Naib subedar has the same insignia as of assistant sub-inspector.  

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Eligibility for Sub-Inspector(SI):

To become a Sub-Inspector(SI) one need to have a good educational qualification. They must physically and mentally fit.

Some of the criteria are:

1) Candidates must be the citizen of India.

2) Candidates must have graduation certificate from any stream.

3) The age limit is 18 to 28 years in most states, with some relaxation to categories by rules.

4) He/she should be physically fit.

5) Give SI written examination.

6) Give a physical test.

7) Then Interview.

Full Form of SI In Chemistry:

In chemistry, Si is a Symbol of Silicon. Silicon is a chemical element with Atomic Number 14 and Atomic Weight 28.086 and Symbol Si.

SI is also an abbreviation for 6-mercaptopurine ribonucleoside (or 6-thioinosine)

Full form of SI In Banking:

Full form of SI in banking is Standing Instruction. What is a Standing Instruction? It is a method by which one account can be debited by some amount and that amount will get credited to another account in the same bank at a constant interval. 

If an account does have the sufficient amount balance, then a chase is put for some days, in that case, system chases the account till the required amount to be debited is available in the account.
This type of method (SI) is used for Recurring deposit account and Loan account, wherein account holder is required to deposit a fixed amount as RD instalment or EMI.


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