What is the Full Form of DP, DP Meaning, What is DP

What is the Full Form of DP, DP Meaning, What is DP

What is the Full Form of DP, DP Meaning, What is DP

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Everyone uses Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. We often hear, how is my DP, did you like my DP, what DP should I keep. Have you ever thought what is the full form of DP? Most of us don't know about it. So here I will tell you about what is DP full form? what is DP meaning?. 

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What is the full form of DP -  Full form of DP is Display Picture. 

What is DP in Social Media

In social media network like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram we use a photo to identify ourself to the public.

In Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram DP is called Profile Photo. If you are using Facebook from the begging then you might have heard about DP. DP was called Display Picture. Now DP is also called Profile Photo.

Full form of DP is different for different categories. Like in Computer Science full form of DP is Data Processing. and mathematic full form of DP is Dirichlet Process.

When we talk about Whatsapp DP full Form it is Display Picture and in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram it is Profile Photo.

DP Meaning, What is DP?

A DP is a picture of a person on social media to represent their identity. It can be cropped, change contrast, change brightness, and display picture background.

Most of us keep our DP according to our mood. like when we are sad we keep the sad picture when we are happy we keep the happy picture and most of us keep our self-photo.

What is the Benefit of DP

DP has a specific benefit. It is something that makes another user on the internet identify you in social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. In these social media, there are three most important things, these are NAME, ID, and DP.

What is the Full Form of DP, DP Meaning, What is DP

Now see what this thing means in Social Media

NAME: Name is the most common which everyone has. With name only we identify someone, whether in social media or in real life.

ID: ID is an address in social media. With the help of ID we login into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. ID can be a phone number, email id, name, etc.

DP: DP stands for Display Picture or we also called Profile Photo. This is most important because it is something identity you properly in social media

Types of DP

Depending upon the types of social media, there are four types of DP

1) Facebook DP: When we upload a profile picture on Facebook, then it is called FB DP.

2) Instagram DP: When we upload a profile picture on Instagram, then it is called Insta DP.

3) WhatsApp DP: when we change a picture in WhatsApp it is called WhatsApp Dp.

4) Twitter Dp: When we change a picture on Twitter it is called Twitter DP.

DP Full Form In Other Catagories

DP full form in Medical         - Doctor of Podiatry

DP full form in Business        - Defective Pricing

DP full form in Bank            - Depository Participant 

DP full form in Finance         - Down Payment 

DP full form in Android Studio  - Density Independent

DP full form in Electrical      - distribution Panel

DP full form in Police          - Directed Patrol

Conclusion on What is DP:

We have tried little to explain what is the full form of DP, what is DP. So, friends, I hope you got your answer about Full Form DP. we would like to thank you for spending your valuable time on our website.

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