Full Form of BHIM UPI, Full Form of BHIM App

Full Form of BHIM UPI, Full Form of BHIM App

Full Form of BHIM UPI, Full Form of BHIM App

Full Form of BHIM App

 BHIM Full Form is Bharat Interface for Money.  BHIM is a money transferring app from bank to bank developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

BHIM was developed after the name of B.R Ambedkar on 30th December 2016. Sometime BHIM is known as Indian Mobile Payment APP as it is developed in India. BHIM was made on the theme of Digital India Cashless and cashless transaction.

BHIM app works on UPI so it supports all Indian Banks, as it is built over the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) infrastructure and allows the bank account to transfer instantly money to other bank account user.

BHIM Full Form In Hindi:

BHIM App ka full formभारत इंटरफेस फॉर मनी

BHIM App Website: https://www.bhimupi.org.in/

Full Form of BHIM UPI, Full Form of BHIM App

Benefits Of BHIM App

BHIM App is the unique money transferring app which all the user to send or receive money to or from UPI payment address or to non-UPI based account. Money is sent or received by non-UPI based account by scanning a QR code with the account number and IFSC or Mobile Money identifier Code (MMID).

1) BHIM app is only a mechanism which transfers money between different bank account.

2) In BHIM app user can transfer money 24/7 including weekends and bank holidays.

3) BHIM app allows you to check the bank account balance.

4) It also allows you to create own QR code for a fixed amount of money, helpful in merchant-seller-buyer transactions.

5) BHIM app user can have more than one payment address.

6) In BHIM app, you don't require to give any biometric authentication or prior registration with the bank or UPI if you have listed 12-digits Aadhaar number as a payment ID.

7) Here user can check their transaction history easily.

BHIM App Money Transfer

BHIM APP Transaction Fees and Limits

If we talk about BHIM app transaction fee then it is no charge for transaction from 1 to 1 lakh Rupee. Few banks charge nominal fee for UPI or IMPS transfers.

Now you don't have to keep multiple banking apps for a transaction, because BHIM app does all the work in a single app.

The BHIM money transfer limit is Rs 10,000 for a per transaction and a daily limit of Rs 20,000. It also gives you the facility of 20 transactions per account per bank in a single day

BHIM App Offline Transaction

In BHIM app a user can make the payment offline without having any internet connection. For this, a user has to simply dial  *99# into their mobile phone and then a screen will appear with the instruction. In this instruction, user can make the transaction, check their balance or get a transaction history.

BHIM App Language Support:

There are lots of languages you can choose in BHIM app. Some of the languages are English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Assamese, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Odiya and some other also. 

To run this app in any language you just need to go into its settings and change the preferred language to whatever language you are more comfortable.

BHIM App Download for android Mobile:

Steps to download BHIM app:

1) Go to the Google Play Store and download and install BHIM app.

2) Then open and select your prefered language.

3) Give permission to the app to manage SMS and Phone calls.

4) After this verify your mobile number which is register in a bank account.

5) Make a unique four-digit passcode to log into the app and now reenter the password to confirm it.

6) Chose your UPI enabled bank from the given list of banks

7) After choosing your UPI, your bank account will be automatically fetched and register yourself by providing your debit card details.

8) SO, here your BHIM app account is registered and ready to us

Frequently Asked Question

1) What is the difference between UPI and Bhim?

Ans: The basic difference between UPI and Bhim is that UPI is the platform whereas BHIM is a separate mobile wallet app.

UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. It is a quick real-time payment system that allows immediate funds transfer between the two bank accounts user on a mobile platform.

Now if we talk about BHIM App  BHIM is money transferring app from bank to bank developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

2) What is the maximum limit of Bhim app?

Ans: As per the latest update of BHIM app, the minimum money transfer limit is 10,000 rupee per transaction and the daily limit is 20,000 rupee with 20 transactions per account in one day.

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